Ideas worth Spreading…

I found this video interesting and inspiring particularly as my concentration and creativity levels are slowly diminishing during the exam period…
Elizabeth Gilbert suggests that creativity is an act of divinity that is created at unknown moments. Often, when writing, we are stressed and panicked at the idea of not being able to produce something good – sometimes it even feels like our brains can be set to ‘standby mode’. Gilbert attempts to teach us to control our creative torments; she gives the example of Tom Waits, a famous musician, who one day when driving received a creative musical impulse. However, as he was driving, unable to stop, and without pen, paper or tape-recorder, he acknowledged that this was the work of a ‘divine creative source’ and that if such a masterpiece was to be made and remembered, it should come back another time when he is able to deal with it.

Gilbert suggests that we should not get worried when we lack creativity. Instead, we should be patient and change our work process. We should arrive to work – and persevere with it. And who knows, if we’re lucky, we might be grasped by a fab idea / be inspired by the work of a passing genius…

Definitely an interesting approach to work
-Livs xx

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