“I Love Rape” Graffiti in the Park

Walking through the park today, I stumbled upon this poster. Around the city, blank ‘I <3' posters have been placed everywhere, most probably promoting a student club night. On several posters, innocent comments have been scribbled underneath such as names of people, music nights and bands. However, some lovely person had decided to write ‘RAPE’ underneath one of these hearts. “I Love Rape”… really? Is that something we will allow to be advertised on our billboards, in a public space in which children and families walk through daily? In response, another person has scribbled over the word and wrote in bold, black letters ‘”fuck sexism”. Whilst I am not sure “fuck sexism” is an adequate response, or even if we can classify rape on any level as “sexism’, I think it is crucial to repute this concept that rape is something to laugh and joke about. This week issues surrounding rape, and namely Ken Clarke’s hideous comments about the classification of rape alongside organisations for the closely approaching Slutwalk march, have been fiercely debated. I, for one, felt a small sense of triumph when I saw this small act of defiance, a clear refusal to allow the acceptance of rape in our culture.

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One thought on ““I Love Rape” Graffiti in the Park

  1. Argus says:

    You find them everywhere—the squirming machinations of people who aren’t getting any. Little boys in Big Boy bodies showing off to their mates, desperate for peer approval.

    I’ve found that those who can (get laid) do. Those who can’t … make a lot of noise and brag about imaginary ‘conquests’. Time to grow up—?

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