Feminist Frequency- The Manic Pixie Dream Girl

This is the first entry in a six-part series Anita Sarkeesian has created for Bitch Magazine. It focuses on specific tropes and myths Hollywood perpetuates about women in films and TV shows.

I really enjoyed this satirical sketch that highlights the concept of the ‘Manic Pixie Dream Girl.’ As a young woman, I can recognize the common features of this representation as I’ve seen many friends trying to emulate the carefree, fun and slightly kooky vibe in real life.

What I love most about Sarkeesian’s videos is how she skillfully introduces key issues of feminist thought but within the accessible context of pop culture and the media, a context that we encounter daily without questioning the damaging effects it may be producing. Feminist Frequency is so great because it takes feminism away from the dusty realms of academia and articulates simply and truthfully why it is still so important in the 21st century.


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