Join the Miss Representation campaign!

This is the trailer to a really interesting new documentary called Miss Representation. Miss Representation by Jennifer Sievel Newsom connects interviews with Dr. Condoleezza Rice, Gloria Steinem and Lisa Ling (to name a few) with thoughtful stories from teenage girls.

Today, we interact with the world of the media more than ever, whether it be online on social media websites or watching television and reading magazines. The force of the media controls and shapes many of our ways of thinking, notably our views on women. This film highlights the fact that the industry tends to value women primarily for her beauty and sexuality, as a passive object of desire. The first step in confronting the media and answering the question, ‘What can we do?’ in order to counteract this damaging way of thinking is awareness.

I cannot wait to see this documentary, for so long now I have seen young girls and women being persistently frustrated by the distorted images we see in the media. Many feel they cannot live up to a certain image, many feel they have to twist and change their unique personalities in order to fit into an acceptable stereotype of beauty. Many lack aspiration or drive due to the insecurities fed to them by this industry, meaning they are being held back, caged in, controlled by an ideal they have never thought to question.

Pay attention to how women are portrayed in the media. Do not just accept what you see.

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One thought on “Join the Miss Representation campaign!

  1. Argus says:

    I haven’t watched the video—but the issue seems to be “Not being the self but trying to conform to an image projected as the ideal”—?

    Very complex issue, not easily addressed; but I think the answers lie not in ‘women’s rights’ … but in the full application of the Rights of The Individual. All individuals, every individual—male as well as female; equal.

    The start point has to be education—teach from the earliest how to think for themselves; with the only crime being the initiation of violence in any form. Trade, not theft.

    Confidence from accomplishment, only the confident can be free and unafraid, only the unafraid can meet others as equals: ergo, accomplish—whatever it is, accomplish!

    For whatever reason I’ve just pulled in two translations of ‘Lysistrata’ by Aristophanes, the Gutenberg one has lots of illustrations

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