10 Top Tips to End Rape

So this week, Eamonn Holmes made some charmingly offensive comments in the face of a rape victim, advising all women to “take taxis” in order to avoid being attacked. Casual victim-blaming strikes once again. Here are 10 other top tips Eamonn could have also mentioned in order to prevent further violent and brutal attacks… 





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One thought on “10 Top Tips to End Rape

  1. Argus says:

    Rape won’t stop until all people realise that all people are people.

    If that’s a bit difficult for some people to understand we can take it one baby step at a time: (1) Everyone (male, female or undecided) has a human right to ‘live, and let live’ ‚ which (2) means to go about his/her/its business in peace. And (3) regardless of how you have been brought up, the female of the species is a people too.

    Certainly the taking of a taxi might have reduced the risk of rape (provided that the driver wasn’t a rapist) but it shouldn’t be necessary. That TV presenter was merely using an outmoded party-line (possibly even a feeble attempt at condescending smutty humour?).

    Increasing the penalties for rape is to increase the probabilities of murder proportionately—the better idea is to bring everyone up to respect certain universal human entitlements; namely the freedom to go about one’s business without molestation.
    Don’t hold your breath, though …

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