The proof: how one person can make a difference…

This article on Jezebel explains how just ONE person can make a huge difference to the norm’s of society. It explains how one set of sexist beliefs impact on others.

“This study provides the first evidence that sexist ideologies can create gender inequality within societies, and this finding suggests that sexism not only legitimizes the societal status quo, but also actively enhances the severity of the gender hierarchy.” 

So next time you hear a sexist comment from just one person, don’t dismiss that person as a bigot and simply move on…  that sexism is seeping slowly into our culture, becoming normalised and acceptable and that’s a pretty disappointing thought. But as Jezebel points out, let’s reverse the situation and consider the positive aspect of these findings, if an individual voice can make a difference for the worse, let’s raise it louder for the better.


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One thought on “The proof: how one person can make a difference…

  1. Argus says:

    The question to be asked wrt the ref’d link isn’t “Is this sexism, or not?” but — in this instance — DO women actually make better political leaders? DO men actually make better executives?
    It takes a fair bit of research to answer either, it’s much simpler to spout platitudes (ancient and modern).

    May I quote an old (sexist?) maxim: ‘The hand that rocks the cradle rules the world’ … so why don’t all the cradle-rockers get in there, get ’em while they’re young, reprogramme the tiny-tot males more how you’d like them to be?

    For myself I like to take issues on their own merits …

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