Ryan air: Not So Red Hot by Ruth-Eloise Lewis

Dear me, Ryan air.

Firstly the air company makes the fame-hungry suggestion to include pornography in the in-flight entertainment options. Great publicity stunt. Great sexist campaign. Would LOVE to sit next to somebody masturbating whilst my legs cramp up from two inches of leg room and pay £5 for a bottle of water.

Furthermore, the airline has perpetuated the degrading use of portraying women in a purely sexual way in their advertising campaigns. How is it appropriate to sell cheap air tickets by brandishing images of women in underwear? Have we not come a long way since women were draped over cars, baring their bodies as objects  subject to the scrutiny of the male gaze?


A member of the Cabin Crew has set up this online petition to ban these types of advert, emphasising  the fact that safety, not sex, is their number one priority.  She quotes the new Pan Am series in her campaign, “I’m not included in the price of your ticket”.

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3 thoughts on “Ryan air: Not So Red Hot by Ruth-Eloise Lewis

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