Neutral Norway are a magnificent poetry collective based in Falmouth, Cornwall. Here is a beautiful poem by one of the founders, our very own Abi Christmas.


I see it
reflected in your
unblinking gaze
between split thighs
absorbed in it.
I’m not talking about virginity when I say I gave it away too soon.
I only recently discovered it
wrapped concealed, covered it,
let it out of the bag
should I tame it
trim or shave it,
what to do with it
once I’d
preened and plucked it
shy away from it
or open up to it?
It’s a secret tucked away
at the back of my mind
until eyes catch
skinny hips, round belly, shapely thighs
opening up
our common knowledge
suddenly mentioning the unmentionable.
Do you sleep on it
when I wake to it’s opposite
persistent, pressing
on the base of my spine
longing for it
cursing for it
fighting for it.
You can never own it
momentarily posses it.
One day I’ll sit
wide kneed
wide smiled
knowing that
I made the most of it.

Abi Christmas, June 2011

Check out the Neutral Norway playlist on Youtube and spend an afternoon pondering on words, dreams and thoughts…

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