Coria and the Sea

Coria and the Sea (still in production) is a documentary film that highlights the lives of women living in a refugee camp in Algeria, known as Dakhla. These women are refuges from the disputed territory of Western Sahara. Sahrawi women are an example of relative liberation when compared with the wider Muslim world, due to the fact that most of the men were absent for a number of years fighting. However even with their freedoms Sahrawi women still face gender inequalities, and this film, when finished, will discuss these inequalities by highlighting the lives of five main women, across a number of different generations. It aims to document the reality of being a Sahrawi woman, by filing a unique film festival which brings together Sahrawi women and girls, and allows them to express their points of view and exchange experiences.

Recently Diana Nava, the director of the film, came and talked at my university. Although the film is not yet finished it was a very interesting insight into, for me at least, an unknown problem and into the experiences of women from anther culture altogether. The website for the film offers information, videos, and ways for you to get involved, if you wanted to.


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