A Pinch of Sugar

I was twenty one
Twenty years of learning
To breathe, to reject, to be
To piss on a stick
And pray
For a single pink lipstick kiss.

Three years in
To a life constructed for me
By the pillars of academia
My days spent in books
Books spent in days
Spent for six whole years
When I decided that
Fifteen years were old enough
To lose something I never held
In hearts or heads.

You happened but twice a year
You were all but ten days younger than me.

Once in a drizzling summer and
Once on a new years eve
Stuffed with gin and nostalgia
Running down hills to the invisible ocean
Scuffing our leather shoes on the wind.

Twenty one days have passed.

Twenty without the streak of scarlet
Twenty without the burning, searing
Trickle of liquid
Running down my legs
One lump of flour and
Two litres of water.

I was twenty one
Too young

Add salt and a pinch of sugar.


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One thought on “A Pinch of Sugar

  1. herelfingrot says:

    I love the rythmic counting and calculating in this so much. Can I hear it performed sometime please?

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