Envelop by N. P. Donnelly.

It’s poetry time once again! We treat you well. Please enjoy this splendid poem ‘Envelop’ by our very own Irish American poet N.P. Donnelly. Happy Sunday.

I fear that if I engage the way I wish

My dreams will be dashed

Those unknown dreams that have not

Revealed themselves to me, yet.

What I’m supposed to want –

On either side of that ceiling.

Cracking in my mind,

Shards and splinters and sharp edges

Invading my psyche.

Now I know that the worst thing

in the world

could be the best thing

in my world

The opportunity to love and cherish,

Without fear of rejection

Something that is all mine,

And half yours

Escaping, fugo, my legs

And running, red with uncertainty,

Into my arms.

Whispering away the wimpers;

You are safe;

You are safe.

Oh sand, sky, clouds,

Surround me with your reach,

Embrace, what I have come to believe is,

The un-embraceable.

Let me have all that I want,

On my scale,

On the world’s,

I’ll work, I’ll strive,

I’ll pine, I’ll even perish!

for mere moments of happiness,

the security…

The success.

The blessed moment when

The cosmos converges and screams my name,

Louder and LOUDER

Until all hessian cries, all siren calls

Evaporate. Into oblivion.

When the difference

Between what is hard

And what is right merges,



melting… and all is well.

So good, another nature will sob with ecstasy.

And I will understand and I will know.

I will know.

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