Redefined- A Poem

we grew it.

and nothing happened.

we ceased
to use the lotion
the bottled empty packaged dream
that seemed to cry and scream
a thousand promises of rejuvenation
of self-preservation , of being
presentable and dilutable and sociable
and socially accepted.

we grew it.

and the industry did not
cease to be
to control and scream and wail out
from giant speakers
a wolf-cry of authority,

it did not halt on wet tracks
and renounce the perpetuation
of a single, defined, unreachable

it did not rip down every last poster
and blank ghostly face
of features distorted and created
by a crying computer
and turn every steely, lifeless
voyeuristic gaze away from the bodies
cut from cardboard and sealed with glue

but, we grew we grew we grew

everything happened

as redefined, we flew.

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