Five Minutes

the second you go
I forget what your voice sounds like
the iodine, the alloy, the tintype

whether I made up the glossy terminology
and stuck it down into your throat
so the redolent groans tumbled out of you
like waves

we sat underneath
the sweet scent of Wisteria
the dusty shade balking and bawling
protecting its grey daguerreotype
from the barks and bites of rays;
soft shadows falling over the face of Susanna

we spent the hours together, heavy-footed
in the city that is drowning.
why would they build a kingdom on the water?
you laughed, and looked away.

all day, all days
I have seen you imprinted on the screen
your mercury and metal oxidizing the air-
and now you are gone

and I can’t remember a thing.


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2 thoughts on “Five Minutes

  1. lizardology says:

    This is a truly beautiful poem. There is so much said, and unsaid that it’s the kind of writing you wish you could truly understand, but you know you never will.

    Magical 🙂

    • Behind The Curtain says:

      I’m so sorry for the late reply but honestly thank you so much! That is one of the kindest things anyone has ever said about my poems. And you’re right, so much was unsaid. Thanks for the lovely comment!

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