Whore/Virgin/Frigid/ Sexually liberated by Susie Taylor

These are just a few of the corkers I’ve heard about myself over the years, but why does it matter? Why does it deserve an online rant and what does it have to do with films?

Well recently I watched “Inside Deep Throat” a thoroughly enjoying and interesting documentary about the sexual revolution that occurred in the 1970’s with the release of “Deep Throat”, notable for being the first pornographic film that has a storyline and that showed female enjoyment (although from what men thought/wished was how they would enjoy sex). It’s a brilliant film and I recommend for everyone to watch it, but one of the important facts I took from it was the idea that in the 1970’s this industry, although flawed and sometimes rife with misogynistic undertones was trying to do an important thing and that was to pull sex out of the closet and bring it into the mainstream. It enjoyed that idea for a very brief time until the administration pushed it forcefully back in where it is still sort of remaining today. You can see this by the way that those terms above are still casually thrown about in society. It is getting better with the release of porn films directed by females and made with a joy of sex for both genders but it is nowhere near as readily available as the films that most 14 year old boys are watching that focus solely on the enjoyment for the men and women are used at best, as an object for lust and at worst simply an object to penetrate.

Now, I could keep ranting and discuss the dangers of the crappy sex education given in England when most teenagers are getting their understanding of sex from porn and are therefore getting crappy information as to what really turns their partners on, and given this idea that sex is a violent act but I’ll refrain for the time being. I could talk about the implications for the actresses involved in the making of these films and what they are sometimes forced to do but that could take up a whole other blog post. It is more the fact that “Deep Throat”, although deeply misguided about female enjoyment was still making a point that sexual enjoyment is just as important for a woman. And this is an idea that in 2012 has still not reached the mainstream fully.

Films showing a woman enjoying her body are in the minority and usually left to the European films such as “The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo” and the issue with this is that everyone is well aware that the media is powerful. It pervades society and where religion doesn’t; the media dictates the moral code and ideals that we are all supposed to live up to. What I mean to say is that if the mainstream media says that a woman can only ever be either a whore or the girl next door then of course this is what a lot of people will have had instilled in them for years. This is why you can still hear people saying things such as “a man cannot be a whore” or “I would never date her, she’s a self confessed slut.”

Susie Taylor

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