Keep It Real

Behind the Curtain is supporting the #KeepItReal with SPARK Summit and Miss Representation campaign in order to empower girls and women. Media images are not real. Photoshopping  is not real. What is very real is the negative thoughts and mindsets us women are processing when we feel we cannot live up to unrealistic and distorted standards of beauty.

Photoshopping is something you see a lot of these days in magazines, on billboards, and on TV. Many people don’t realize that photoshopping is changing the perception of beauty to only include girls with flawless skin, perfect hair, and skinny bodies. In reality no one has all these characteristics naturally, and it makes lots of people feel badly about the way they look.

Take magazines for example. Women shown on magazine covers go through many processes to become what we see in the photos. First they are covered in extensive makeup and then their hair is styled into perfection. Are the models’ eyes too small, ears too big, waist too wide? No problem! After the photos are taken, the professionals manipulate the image by changing shapes, moving features, and creating highlights digitally. These effects can completely change how a person looks, thus creating an impossible example for girls to live up to. -Ava, New Moon Girls Editorial Board Member

Today I woke up with a spot on my face. I cursed and loathed myself for being so stupid as to let it grow. I should be flawless, right? The day was dampened slightly every time I glanced in a mirror, or saw it’s ruby red head in a reflection. I wouldn’t say I am particularly vain. Not particularly. Standards of beauty are so internalized that they become commonplace. Unbreakable. I am doing a degree, I am learning another language, I am meeting new and knowledgeable people everyday; yet, I have a spot on my face. I don’t quite match up to what the computer ordered me to be. Click click, and the flaw is gone.

The  #KeepItReal challenge is finally questioning this damaging way of living, of worrying, of over-analyzing. Women should not just be valued by beauty alone. Women are so much more powerful than we think. Raise your voice, keep it real.

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