Dial A Hubby by Susie Taylor

Having been sat in a dark (cheers winter weather) room for the past one and a half weeks typing up essay plans on subject as diverse and cheery as instances of rape in India and colonial attitudes towards prostitution, I have found myself reading a lot of feminist literature. This has led to me becoming very aware of cases of sexism all around me. This is not to say that this rant is in fact solely due to reading feminist literature, many of the writers are quite happy people. However,mixing Laura Mulvey with my argumentative and sometimes aggressive nature has led me down the path of rant.

And so I present to you this abomination of a website I discovered the other day as I was waiting to enter a roundabout. I was already feeling a bit, let’s say strained, due to my car Arthur deciding that today was the day he was going to make his way slowly to his car grave, and I see a pink van coming towards me. I don’t like the colour pink. Not the point but it adds to the impending sense of annoyance that I felt. Then I saw the name of the company on the side….Dial a Hubby.

Yes, that’s right ladies there is a company devoted to all of the porn based fantasies where your husband’s unsatisfactory DIY skills lead you to be frustrated, especially if you need a light bulb changed, and in comes a hunky DIY handyman with whom “you will be amazed at what can be achieved by one of our handymen in a one hour booking”. I’m not sure that I’m even going to address how ridiculous this company is. Yes I understand that fitting on to the van “Dial a person who is infinitely more competent than you at DIY” would be hard and is not nearly as catchy but seriously, SERIOUSLY, if something in my house breaks do I really have to dial a company that provides me with a husband, as such, to rescue me from my trials and tribulations? I can’t fix  my oven when it’s broken and I also don’t deal very well when there’s a spider in my bathtub but I will persevere and face my arachnophobia before dialing a company that tells me that one I cannot do it due to my gender and two because of my marital status. And for the cooker….I’ll call the repair person.

dial a hubby 2

The van that started it all

Susie Taylor

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2 thoughts on “Dial A Hubby by Susie Taylor

  1. SORRY IM MALE says:

    I think Dial a hubby are actually pointing out a very clear issue with gender politics.
    I’m not sure if you realise but both genders are objectified equally. Here, the dial a hubby is quite amusingly pointing out the disposability of males. This ‘dial a hubby’ business is a reaction to a the social provocation towards men that they are essentially appliances. Use them when you need them and ignore them the rest of the time. Its that simple! It’s happened that way for years!
    Look I’m not complaining about that or anything. I just don’t think you should act so spoiled rotten. They probably are better at DIY than you. You know you are not buying a fucking husband. So does everyone who uses the fucking company! Do you really think you are smart because you noticed this? Everyday sexism?

    It’s fine. Let them have their joke Susie, don’t be so feckless. Nobody is saying that you can’t change a fucking lightbulb on your own. In fact, Dial a Hubby are pointing out just how useless men are perceived to be. I’m a man and I have to live with that. Every day I watch adverts with men as absolutely useless dicks, messing around, never getting anything done. I’m sure its great being a comfortable girl with many privileges and the occasional glance down from your high tower to spit on blokes trying to make a living. Seriously, this? This is a feminist issue? YOU ARE NOT FOR EQUALITY YOU ARE A BIGOT. WAKE UP AND SMELL THE FUCKING ROSES

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