Dirty Girls Documentary

If you’re a VICE reader then you might have seen recently their article with the original “Dirty Girls” Amber and Harper has gathered a lot of attention. I’d never heard about these girls before so I checked out the documentary on Youtube, which you can view here:

The documentary was shot in 1996 and edited in 2000 and it follows a group of 13-year-old riot grrrls in Los Angeles. We see them let loose in the dangerous and precarious environment that is secondary school, under the eyes of their peers. They are completely socially ostracized and degraded, gathering a lot of negative attention emphasizing how they “never wash.”

They distribute a zine which looks both creative, full of illustrations and poetry, and suitably angry. They’ve got some amazing and pretty valid points for 13 year old girls. Which is exactly the point they were trying to make. At one point in the documentary, Amber is asked how she can know her opinions are right seeing as she is still so young. Amber gets justifiably enraged,

“That is such bullshit. Anyone, at any age, can know that women are being raped… Of course we know, I know a lot of people who have been raped, I know a lot of people who have been sexually molested […] Anyone can know about rape, it doesn’t matter how old you are.”

I wish I was that fierce at school. I really do. There were plenty of things I was angry about. I felt like I didn’t really fit in either. But, I had none of the maturity or feminist force of these girls.  The Dirty Girls rule! Spot on, VICE.

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