Sex Symbols?

Just opened my facebook page to get a link to Robin Thickle’s new music video “Blurred Lines” featuring Pharrell Williams and T.I.
I have a secret addiction to music videos so I didn’t stutter to press the play button.
Casually, Robin is seen parading around with a vast amount of females all topless and in skin-coloured thongs (at first i gasped as I thought they were naked!)
The men, however, are all suited and booted, in a complete contrast – all covered up.
As our society becomes more sexualised and pornographic, seeing semi-clad images of women seem to be normal to the eye now, I sometimes find myself not even shocked or surprised by the over sexualised imagery produced.
It angers me as well as the focus always appears to be women, who are more undressed and revealing compared to men, who seem to be getting increasingly more covered up.
This music video takes it a step too far. It demeans women, it simply portrays women as an object – a beautiful object at that. Something to parade in a music video and show off about her beautiful female form, yet not to highlight her ambitions or thoughts.
Or perhaps even a desperate cry for help for Robin to get attention over his song – in someways its worked, it already has been banned on youtube and got over a million views on the first day released.

Yet his way of provoking attention is to display women as a symbol of sex – merely displaying us as a walking-talking male fantasy, possibly communicating to other males that it is acceptable to treat us like an object.

Natalia Atkins


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