What I should have said

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Oh, man

I knew I was never really supposed

to understand you

I was never allowed the viewpoint

upon which

your glass eyes were splayed;

the well is dug

because she is deeper

you can’t wet weeds in the soil

& watch them bloom into branches-

your very own Daphne.


Linear perspective was always

easier to digest

it made no bounds on the body

no burns on the brushstrokes

the muse-

an enigma, a promise.


I’ve been lost all my life to a myth.


That the chase of the tail

heeds the hunt

that the running ever-longing

is desirable & desired

& the catch-

is never about letting the mask slip

the game relent & the weight drop,

thud, like a bag of flour

split, across a carpet.


You have defined me

by the eyes of the Medusa

packaged stone-cold silence into sentences


to a man…

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