Lizzy Caplan is officially my new hero by Susie Taylor

Last week in the midst of my moving to London escapades I started to watch the new Showtime series Masters of Sex. Slightly irritating title aside it’s the story of William Masters and his partner Virginia Johnson who set about to unveil the truth about sex, the human body and emotions in 1950’s America. So far so similar to the 2004 film Kinsey. And it’s good, excellent in fact, Michael Sheen is always pretty damn good in my opinion, even in an Underworld film but the real gloriousness of this series is Lizzy Caplan, known to some as Janis Ian and loved by me in the greatly underrated film Bachelorette. Her character (even though Johnson was real let’s assume that there’s a bit of make believe in this series) opens up the series to so much more than how this investigation affected her male counterpart. She deals not only with the fact that she is a single working mother, and all the guilt that conservative America would have piled on her, but she is also a glittering example of the woman who refuses to confuse sex with love. In fact that idea is brought into the series by one of the male characters. Aaaah I’m sounding all tangled and I will probably write something more succinct in the future but oh well. This series is complex and left me thinking for days. It doesn’t assume anything about either gender more it is about each character and their opinion on sex and relationships. For me it feels like a breath of fresh air. And it has Janis Ian in it!Image

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