Happy International Women’s Day!

How was your March the 8th? What did you do to celebrate the inspirational women in your life? How many people asked you:

1) Why is there not an International Men’s Day? (There is, 19th November by the by.) Isn’t it a bit sexist to have a women’s day?
2) Why do we even need one anyway?

Regardless, we spent the day watching this video on spoken word poetry by Sarah Kay. She’s incredible.

Let’s keep fighting until one day, every day is ours.

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“Loving other people starts with loving ourselves and accepting ourselves”

In this eloquent speech, the actress Ellen Page comes out as a gay woman at the Human Rights Campaign’s Time to Thrive conference. Furthermore, she discusses the notion of ‘standards’ in Hollywood that are narrow and crushing. Her comments about the ‘pervasive stereotypes of masculinity and femininity’ are also acute and insightful.

“Maybe I can make a difference to help others have an easier and more hopeful time… I also do it selfishly because I’m tired of hiding and I’m tired of lying by omission. I suffered for years because I was scared to be out. My spirit suffered. My mental health suffered. My relationships suffered. I’m standing here today with all of you on the other side of that pain.”

I could quote the whole thing. Beautiful.

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Oppressed Majority tackles everyday sexism

French actress, writer, and director Eleonoré Pourriat made a short satirical film, Majorité Opprimée (Oppressed Majority), in 2010 about everyday sexism experienced by women in modern-day France. By cleverly twisting around stereotypical gender roles, it follows the life of a normal man as he moves through his day and becomes tormented by violent and dismissive women. The video exploded and went viral this week on Youtube, striking a chord with its gritty portrayal of urban life. Pourriat told The Independent this week, “Obviously, I have touched a nerve. Women in France, but not just in France, feel that everyday sexism has been allowed to go on for too long.”

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Sex Symbols?

Just opened my facebook page to get a link to Robin Thickle’s new music video “Blurred Lines” featuring Pharrell Williams and T.I.
I have a secret addiction to music videos so I didn’t stutter to press the play button.
Casually, Robin is seen parading around with a vast amount of females all topless and in skin-coloured thongs (at first i gasped as I thought they were naked!)
The men, however, are all suited and booted, in a complete contrast – all covered up.
As our society becomes more sexualised and pornographic, seeing semi-clad images of women seem to be normal to the eye now, I sometimes find myself not even shocked or surprised by the over sexualised imagery produced.
It angers me as well as the focus always appears to be women, who are more undressed and revealing compared to men, who seem to be getting increasingly more covered up.
This music video takes it a step too far. It demeans women, it simply portrays women as an object – a beautiful object at that. Something to parade in a music video and show off about her beautiful female form, yet not to highlight her ambitions or thoughts.
Or perhaps even a desperate cry for help for Robin to get attention over his song – in someways its worked, it already has been banned on youtube and got over a million views on the first day released.

Yet his way of provoking attention is to display women as a symbol of sex – merely displaying us as a walking-talking male fantasy, possibly communicating to other males that it is acceptable to treat us like an object.

Natalia Atkins

TEDxWomen — Jennifer Siebel Newsom

Each and every one of us has the capacity for change.

Thank you Ms. Newsom, you are incredible.

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Riley on Marketing

If only I had been as smart as this little star when I was three years old… she sees right through all the capitalist bullshit. You preach equality my darling, I have a feeling you may grow up to be somebody rather special.

ARE WE EQUALS? Video Highlights

Today I took a look at the website EQUALS which questions whether men and women really are equal in contemporary society. The EQUALS movement is comprised of charities and membership organisations, supported by partners in arts and entertainment.

There are plenty of interesting videos to watch on the website but these two were my personal favourites.

Award winning poet Sabrina Mahfouz uses spoken word to question whether the damage of strip clubs on our society and how they affect and influenced those involved, are they glamorous and harmless? Or derogatory and dangerous?


My Feminist Body by Aisha & Pauline questions why so many women feel negatively about their bodies and gives some insights into how we can work towards a more positive body image and eradicate sexism every day.


So are we equals? Until the answer is yes, we should never stop asking.

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SOLIPSIST by Andrew Huang

Directed by Andrew Thomas Huang

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Happy International Women’s Day!

I hope you all had a wonderful International Women’s Day. Today, we bought Mimosa flowers and visited the University of Padova where the first woman in the world, Elena Lucrezia Cornaro Piscopia, graduated in Philosophy in 1678. A perfect celebration.


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